As an offshoot of Election 2020, Vote For Our Future was an editorial package presented by the Refinery29 News Team. The purpose of our election coverage was to be clear and unambiguous: To inform our readers that there are real consequences to our votes, that there are real attempts to prevent people from voting, and that those who stand to be affected by the outcome of this election the most are our readers. By the election, we wanted Refinery29 readers to be unambiguously clear on this reality. Disillusioned as many people might be, apathy is the one thing we can’t afford right now.

The visual direction was inspired by the realities of the political landscape and our goal was to highlight the importance of the vote with multiple subjects illustrated for a female-driven audience. Ultimately, we wanted to underscore the seriousness and impact it will have on coming years through each expression and a curated microsite. 

Design Leads: Seeta Kanhai + Michelle Lin
Junior Designer:  Michelle Cope
Main Illustration: Peter Strain
Editor: Natalie Gontcharova
Product Design: Lee Misenheimer

1. Microsite

2. Feature Artwork

3. Homepage Takeover

4. Social Extensions