seeta kanhai


Spookygreat is a highly focused shopping celebration that gets Supergreat’s beauty community excited and prepared for Halloween. The activation ran over the course of two weeks and was filled with daily makeup challenges, “trick or treat prizes,” live shopping events, and how-to’s from makeup experts. 

From radioactive glows to Frankenstein and endless eery goop, we took a visual ride through the decades to explore versions of nostalgia using classic Halloween tropes and symbolism. Crisp autumn leaves paired with a cotton candy sky is just the start of this walk down creepy memory lane which carried all the way through creator tools and tipping celebrations for consistency and “treats” for Supergreaters.

Role: Design Direction
Lead Design: Hannah Minn
Product Design: Sunny Li, Dewey Nguyen

Content: Savannah Scott, Alexis Gaskin, Abi Whittington

01. branding

02. homepage, landing, feature artwork 

03. social + newsletter

04. in-app updates: tipping + creator tool