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Supergreat is the beauty app for all. Give us your barefaced, your curly-haired, and your ‘I’m not sure where to start'-ers. We'll give you demos from your favorite MUAs, GRWM livestreams, beauty challenges, and the latest indie brands to inspire you. The app is a haven for beauty novices to experts and a marketplace for indie and commercial beauty brands alike.

As Design Director, my goal was to revitalize the brand’s presence by harnessing the foundational design elements. Supergreat was looking for a lift. One that would bring it from swaths of grey and pastels to a world of vibrant color, texture, and depth. When rethinking the brand, I explored visual styles that would pique curiosity, encourage expression, and most importantly exude beauty. This was achieved by harmonizing the use of logo, palette, and typography across surfaces. The introduction of thoughtful color blends, bold new collage and illustration styles, expressive typography, and clear guides around logo use evolved the brand’s presence, while staying true to the app’s demographic (13-25).

Beauty can feel boundless. It can be bold or subdued, glamorous or theatrical, and it can be everyday. Defining the brand and its audience was critical to developing the right tone. The brand is inclusive, authentic, supportive, and colorful. The app follows suit of these tenets with native filter-free recording for honest product reviews and livestreams, further creating a safe space for discourse between beauty lovers and trusted brands.

Outside of developing the brand’s new look, my team created content spotlighting community members, brands, and products. The brand team produced activations celebrating beauty’s biggest holidays like Halloween, themed weeks, and Supergreat’s beauty awards for the app and dot com. Beyond the digital space, we also created swag, packaging and inserts for beauty shipments.

Role: Design Direction / Design
Design + Illustration: Yracema Rivas, Hannah Minn, Paulina Almira
Product Design: Sunny Li, Janie Seo, Andrew Feidler

Photography: Savannah Scott
Typography: Calibre by Klim Type Foundry

the brand

In 2021, the initial goal was thoughtful color infusion across surfaces to establish a sense of brand and connection from logo mark to content. Secondaries were introduced in 2022.

The new color combinations tapped into the primary tones and took a graphic approach to gradients in order to add texture, dimension, and contrast. 

Application across surfaces: dot com, app, social  


Beyond digital