Refinery29’s annual beauty awards celebrate the most innovative products, people, and brands of the past year. Awarding the best in the game from low to high – everyone is invited. For 2020, we sought to take it a step further to break through the year’s monotony to celebrate beauty itself and uncover joy through vivid strokes of color and playful photography. We took 2020’s direction in a positive light as a call to action for self-care and prioritizing wellness through 6 main categories (makeup, skin, body, hair, under $25, and unbothered: which focuses on the black community) and two articles highlighting top brand and innovator of the year. The end result combines hand-painted swatches, retro video, and film photography for a tactile finish.

Role: Lead Design + Art Direction
Junior Designer: Hannah Minn
Design Direction: Idil Gozde + Elsa Jenna
Editor: Rachel Krause
Photo Producer: Mary Fletcher
Photographer: Zhamak Fullad
Product Design: Lee Misenheimer

1. Site Design: Landing Page ︎︎︎

2. Site Design: Category Pages ︎︎︎

3. Homepage Takeover

4. Feature Artwork + Social Content